Coastlight DeepMarkets' mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all investors to achieve their goals and aspirations effortlessly.

We’ve assembled a great team

Coastlight DeepMarkets was started after Roman Stehling and his colleagues worked on a better investment framework for private wealth clients at Merrill Lynch, which changed how investors allocate their funds. They realized that technology could help every investor achieve their goals. Coastlight Capital has assembled a great team across multiple disciplines such as Financial Markets, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Mathematics, Computer Science.

Roman Stehling, CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Prior to Coastlight, Roman led a team of highly credentialed global wealth professionals at Merrill Lynch including CPAs, former corporate lawyers and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) helping families, highly successful entrepreneurs and senior executives of both public and private companies. Roman focuses on financial markets, macroeconomics, monetary policy and their implications for private wealth clients. Roman was a business development executive at Allianz Group and co-founder and member of the executive teams of several start-ups in Silicon Valley, and in Europe. Roman received his MBA from the Berlin University of Technology.

Dr. Adrian Kaehler, Ph.D., Advisory Board, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/Deep LEARNING

Adrian is Vice President of Special Projects at Magic Leap, Inc, a stealth startup company that has raised over a half of a billion dollars in venture funding in 2014. Adrian is an American scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and author. He is best known for his work on the OpenCV Computer Vision library, as well as a book on that library. At the age of 14, he enrolled in UC Santa Cruz, studying Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics, graduating at 18 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics. He went on to Columbia University, where he received his Ph.D. in 1998 under professor Norman Christ for his work in lattice gauge theory and on the QCDSP supercomputer project. During the time from 1994 through 1998, Dr. Kaehler worked on the QCDSP supercomputer project. The QCDSP supercomputer was one of the first Teraflop scale supercomputers ever built. For this Dr. Kaehler, along with Norman Christ, Robert Mawhinney, and Pavlos Vranas were awarded the Gordon Bell Prize in 1998. In 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge - Adrian was on the Stanford’s winning team with Sebastian Thrun, Mike Montemerolo, Gary Bradski and others. Designed a computer vision system that contributed to the winning of the race. The winning vehicle, called “Stanley” is currently exhibited in the Smithsonian Institution. Adrian is the founder of the Silicon Valley Deep Learning group.

Dr. Rodrigo Alonso, Ph.D., Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Rodrigo is Vice President of Engineering Polaris Wireless, the global leader in providing high-accuracy, software-based wireless location solutions to wireless operators, law enforcement/ government agencies and location-based application companies. Rodrigo has been VP of Engineering for several other Silicon Valley companies including Zebra Technologies. Rodrigo received three masters degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics and Bio Engineering from the University of Chile and a Ph.D. in Physics from Purdue University. Rodrigo is the author of several research publications including the mathematics of  black holes: the Kerr-Schild Generalized Metrics - a solution of the Einstein–Maxwell equations in general relativity that describes the spacetime geometry in the region surrounding a charged, rotating mass. This solution has not been especially useful for describing astrophysical phenomena, because observed astronomical objects do not possess an appreciable net electric charge. The solution has instead been of primarily theoretical and mathematical interest. It is assumed that the cosmological constant equals zero which is near enough to the truth.


Yelei received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He is a data analysis and machine learning enthusiast. His working experiences range from finance to digital health at Case Western Reserve University, Decision Analytics and Research Group at PNC Financial Services and Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center. Yelei's work related research includes dynamic programming/optimization of advertising budget allocation, predictive modeling of marketing communication effects in direct marketing, machine learning in marketing science ( Hidden Markov Model and Cross-sell Optimization Objectives), dynamic programming/optimization of advertising budget allocation, machine learning application on healthcare data analysis. Yelei's academic research fields includes computational intelligence: machine learning application on physiological data, random signal and stochastic calculus: efficient high-dimensional variants distribution integration approximation using Monte-Carlo simulations, digital image processing: path recognition and vectorization,convex optimization for engineering: dynamic programming, computational neuroscience.

Thanaa Makdsi, Junior Analyst & Bloomberg Terminal Analytics

Thanaa is a junior, majoring in finance with a minor in computer science in San Jose State University. Her strong interest in finance led her to join the school’s student managed investment fund (Spartan Fund) as a senior equity analyst, and become a board member for the Banking and Investment Association (BIA). As a senior analyst her responsibilities include presenting macroeconomic and financial analysis on securities, recommending stock purchases and monitoring stock and industry performance. Through BIA, she helps students build connections and create their own success by connecting them with finance industry leaders. In addition, Thanaa is a member of the Gary J. Sbona Honors Program, and the Financial Management Association. Thanaa is Bloomberg Terminal certified in all modules: Equities, Fixed Income, FX, and Commodities

Jonathan Dalldorf, JUNIOR ANALYST & Bloomberg Terminal Analytics

Jonathan is currently a senior, majoring in Finance with a minor in Applied Economics from San Jose State University. As a member of the Gary J. Sbona Honors Program, he built a number of financial and efficiency models that are currently being utilized by startups in Silicon Valley. His strong interest in finance and economics led him to join the school’s student managed investment fund (Spartan Fund) as a senior equity analyst, and later became the Chief Investment Officer and a founding member of the portfolio management committee. As a voting board member in the Spartan Fund, Jonathan evaluates investment opportunities, monitors portfolio holdings, and calculates performance metrics. He has participated in numerous challenges recently such as the CFA Research Challenge and the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition. Jonathan is Bloomberg Terminal certified in all modules: Equities, Fixed Income, FX, and Commodities.

All photography by Jared Chambers